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 Holifsa Industrial Integrated Clean Agent System. 

Protecting Mission critical equipment in a whole new way

Today's IT managers need a new fire protection systems that can provide the best quality early warning smoke detection backed up with clean agent suppression. As server density increases only Holifsa can deliver such a high quality fire detection and suppression combination. Thanks to its patented dual purpose piping system, the Holifsa system shares a much smaller quantity of clean agent over an array of enclosed computer equipment.

Ten Reasons Why Holifsa Is The Best Enclosed Server Suppression System

1) Conserve Resources

Only Holifsa's unique patented system can send agent to a specific enclosure while protecting and entire equipment array. This means that a system only needs as much clean agent as an individual enclosure would require. 

2) Scalability

You can start with one totally enclosed equipment rack such as a high density blade server providing it with exactly the amount of clean agent required. When you are ready to add capacity, simply extend the Holifsa pipe and add another nozzle into the new enclosure - there's no need to add additional detectors or costly clean agent. Add another and another, the same Holifsa unit will supply the entire row, it's that easy and economical.

3) Keeping It Together

The Holifsa system keeps the agent storage bottle, detector,control and release module, and the user interface all in one cabinet at the head of a row of enclosures. 

4) Not In My Backyard

Holifsa equipment is outside the server rack space so there is no danger of disrupting service or damaging equipment while carrying out code mandated system verification, maintenance, and repair, or even a system recharge. Conversely, server maintenance will not damage the fire protection system.

5) Knowledge is Power

The state-of-the-art air sampling smoke detection used in the Holifsa system gives users the earliest possible warning of products of combustion so they can react before a flaming fire begins. 

6) Be Real

Holifsa's interlocked operation prevents accidental discharge of clean agent so smoke infiltrating from outside the enclosure, or chemicals that can trick other systems won't cause a false discharge.

7) Don't Bring Me Down

In the event of system discharge, the considerably smaller and easier to access Holifsa agent reservoir can be switched out in a matter of minutes. Keeping a spare reservoir on hand is simple and inexpensive since there is so much less agent required that a traditional "total flooding" room systems. This means zero downtime for surrounding equipment and minimal time to restart a fire damaged enclosure.

8) Under Pressure

Applying the clean agent only to the server enclosure means that room pressure, room leakage and wall construction are not an issue making for savings beyond the fire protection equipment.

9) Leaks And Bounds

The Holifsa system does not require room leakage testing or an ongoing room envelope inspection program.

10) Watch Out!

Holifsa is not only constantly looking out to protect equipment from fire, it's also fully supervising the detection and distribution piping against damage or impairment.