Holifsa Residential Integrated Life Safety System

Saving Lives First

Residential fires are devastating, resulting in over 3000 civilian fatalities per year. We knew our patented technology would outperform any systems that already existed so we looked first to save lives by implementing our residential system.

This short video explains how the patented Holifsa system works


1) Superior Smoke Detection.

Sampling smoke detection has proven itself in industrial applications as the earliest reliable way to detect smoke. Sampling smoke detection can sense smoke even when it is highly diluted which means that the products of combustion from a small fire or even smoldering can be detected early on. 

2) No Water in the Sprinkler Pipes

The dual purpose piping at the heart of Holifsa's innovative system is what also gives it one of its greatest features, elimination of water from the sprinkler piping.  In normal operation, the pipe carries air samples from throughout the home to a centralized detector located in the Holifsa control unit.  The control unit monitors pipe integrity and sprinkler head activation by measuring air flow through the pipes while it constantly monitors air for products of combustion. The system is designed to open the water control valve only when it detects smoke and the increased air flow associated with the actuation of a listed residential fire sprinkler head.

3) No Water - No Worries!

Since there is no water in the sprinkler piping unless the system detects smoke and a high air flow condition, simply breaking a pipe or sprinkler head will not result in water discharge and the damage associated with it. 

4) Smoke Happens

If you cook at home, you will have smoke in your house from time to time. Holifsa knows this so there is a silence feature that will bypass nuisance alarms at the touch of a button. No need to climb a ladder to press  a reset button on a ceiling mounted detector. The alarm will reset itself if  the smoke clears within the allotted time, or simply press the button again to extend the bypass period. Don't worry though, even if you silence an alarm, Holifsa is still monitoring. Should the system detect a high air flow associated with an activated residential fire sprinkler head, the bypass is cancelled and Holifsa takes immediate action by sounding the evacuation horn and releasing water in the sprinkler system.

5) Water Where you Need It

In the event of a fire where a sprinkler head actuates, and smoke is detected, the Holifsa system floods the piping with water but it is only discharged through the actuated sprinkler(s).

6) Keep a Low Profile

Holifsa's system is discreet. The centralized control unit can be located in a utility area - typically near the water entry of your home. The sprinkler heads can be any number of listed residential fire sprinklers including concealed sprinkler heads which only drop down during actuation. The sampling points are also barely perceptible , no more flashing LED's at the ceiling to prove that the smoke detector is on.  Holifsa's aesthetically pleasing low profile user interface will blend into you decor. 

7) Put Your Ladder Away

The Holifsa system provides a single set of batteries that provide back up power in the event of a power failure and a user interface located in the foyer of your home. The system recharges the batteries automatically and checks their health periodically. No need to look for dying batteries in ceiling mounted units throughout the house, and no need to climb up a ladder to press a reset button or check if your system is running.

8) Don't Fear the Freeze

Holifsa piping can be routed through unheated attic space since sprinkler water is not present in the piping. Unlike systems which rely on compressed air, the Holifsa system can detect pipe blockage - including the presence of ice from condensation making Holifsa more reliable and safe.

9) Don't Be So Sensitive

Holifsa uses proven aspirated smoke detection which , unlike traditional spot detectors- does not suffer from increased sensitivity due to fouling over time. 

10) Be In The Know

The Holifsa interface uses chimes and an alpha-numeric display to give messages in plain language so you'll know instantly whether there is a minor amount smoke present or if a serious fire condition exists and evacuation is required. The system is also equipped with a sounder for evacuation and interfacing capability to work with outside monitoring services so you can always rest easy.